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HTC handsets delayed at US customs due to ITC injunction over Apple patent


HTC confirmed to The Verge that its One X phone for AT&T and EVO 4G LTE handset for Sprint are being held at the border by customs officials. The shipments are being delayed while the government agency reviews the packages in accordance with an ITC ruling that banned the import of HTC's Android smartphones.

In December 2011, the ITC ruled that HTC violated Apple patents, one of which describe a UI feature that lets you tap on an address or phone number as a link and pull down a menu of appropriate actions. HTC said in a statement to the Wall Street Journal that its products are no longer infringing, "We believe we have worked around our design and are now in compliance with the ITC ruling. We are cooperating with the U.S. Customs to speed up the review process."

Depending on how long it takes for the review, HTC could face shortages of its One X, which went on sale last month with AT&T. It may also have to delay its May 18 launch of the EVO 4G LTE with Sprint.

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