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Archlord hosts first combined server guild tournament


Plenty of guilds talk the big talk and DPS the raid meters, but when the chips are down and the final call is uttered, which one guild will stand on top of the mountain of geek corpses and be proclaimed "Champion?" In most MMOs, that would be rhetorical nonsense, but not in Archlord, where guilds will compete in the first World Guild Championship to earn a $10,000 prize and the recognition of their peers.

The game's first combined server guild tournament kicks off on June 11th and features pitched PvP battles between guilds to climb the bracket and claim the big prize. All participants will be given a preset character with standard gear in order to minimize any in-game advantages.

In order to preregister for the tournament, guilds will have to complete a special in-game quest. Registration for the World Guild Championship runs from now through May 30th, with the official brackets announced a few days later on June 4th.

Archlord will be hosting special in-game events and handing out fun prizes for everyone during this time.

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