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Breakfast Topic: The most boring WoW stream ever


I've been toying with the idea of streaming some of my WoW playing and taking the time to converse with readers, have fun, and relax. It soon dawned on me, however, that I don't exactly do the most excited things in World of Warcraft these days. Aside from Raid Finder and Molten Core for a potential Thunderfury, my gaming consists of coming up with transmog outfits, running old dungeons, and praying for more mounts.

Suddenly, it dawned on me -- my WoW stream would be the most boring stream ever to anyone who doesn't enjoy the aspects of the game that I do. Archaeology streaming? You bet. Watch me clear Molten Core in 15 minutes while listening to AC/DC? It's gonna happen. Spending 20 minutes staring at MogIt? Probably more than you think!

If someone was standing behind you, watching you play WoW over your shoulder, would they be engaged? Would they find what you were doing boring? Are your experiences in-game worthy of an audience these days or are you happy in archaeology town, like me?

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