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Spend a day as a Fallen Earth Premium Member on us!

Shawn Schuster

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMO that always seems to be on that short list of games that everyone means to try out one day. And when people try it, positive praise usually follows.

To help celebrate the upcoming 2.4 patch, we're giving you a chance to play the game as a top-tier premium member for one day, complete with massive XP, crafting, and PvP currency buffs, the Commander's Aura stackable buff that allows you to spread the benefits among your party members, a 20% marketplace discount, and more. In addition, we're giving you the Light Slugthrower, an advanced version of the starter rifle, which features higher damage output than its little brother.

There's no giveaway page and no key codes on this one; if you want to grab this nifty one-day package for yourself, simply enter the promo code "MASSIVEEARTH" either in-game or by clicking the Redeem Code button on the Fallen Earth website. To access the Marketplace in-game, click on the "$" button on the bottom of your minimap. The code expires on June 1st.

Have fun!

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