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Rhode Island governor gives 38 Studios' Copernicus MMO a June 2013 launch


Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee told attendees of a 38 Studios-related press conference that the long awaited 38 Studios MMO – only known currently as "Project Copernicus" – is set to launch in June of 2013. Chafee said, "What I understand is Copernicus is June of '13."

Considering we've literally never heard any information on the Amalur-based MMO (aside from the fact that it's an Amalur-based MMO), it's a bit hard for us to believe that the game will arrive by next year. "I said from the beginning that it was a risky enterprise," Chafee told press of the troubled business deal between 38 and Rhode Island.

38 Studios is supposed to start paying back its $75 million loan – facilitated by the state of Rhode Island and supported by bond investors – by the beginning of 2013. It's unclear how 38 will afford those payments, but Chafee repeatedly pointed out 38's intention to seek private capital (read: more money from private investors – and not from the state). Said private capital has yet to be secured, Chafee said.

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