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PSA: EA shutting down Dragon Age Legends servers June 18

Jordan Mallory

Electronic Arts and BioWare's social soiree in Ferelden will be coming to an end on June 18, 2012, according to the official Dragon Age Legends website. E-commerce for the title ended yesterday, meaning that while the game it still active for the time being, it's no longer possible to convert your real-life dollars into fake Dragon Dollars crowns for use in Ferelden's many shops.

BioWare has also initiated a "massive fire sale" on all in-game items until the servers go down, so anyone with stockpiles of fake internet money can get their fake internet money's worth, at least for a few weeks. If the thought of living without a weird Facebook adaptation of the Dragon Age world is too much to handle, take heart: A single-player version of the game will be made available on the official site "shortly after the current version of the game shuts down."

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