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Apple sends letter to neighbors about new "spaceship" campus


Apple wants its new spaceship-style campus to be as free from controversy as possible. To quell any discontent from its neighbors, the company is reaching out to Cupertino residents and asking them for feedback about the project. In a document obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple tells residents how and why it's building this new campus.

According to the document, the research facility will accommodate 13,000 employees with additional 300,000 feet of space for expansion. The facility will be used for research and won't include any industrial or manufacturing work. It will be built according to LEED standards and will include a large solar array that'll cover the roof. It will open its doors to employees in 2015, but it won't be open to the public.

After reading about the new campus, residents can fill out a postage paid response card or visit the website to leave their feedback, ask questions or share their concerns.

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