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Better Place takes its electric vehicle network in Israel for a silent spin


Better Place has been striving to make the world, just that, with its battery-swapping approach to electric vehicles since as far back as 2008. There's been a modicum of success, with outlets and swapping stations peppered as far and wide as Denmark, California, Australia and Japan. Now, the Associated Press reports that world's first nationwide electric car network -- this time in Israel -- has been given its first test. This only equates to four battery stations at the moment, with a further 40 to follow in the second half of the year. However, the firm maintains, that even with the current infrastructure, users could comfortably drive the entire length of the nation. Renault will sell a version of its Fluence EV customized to work with the battery stations for $32,000, with different mileage options on offer. Is this the future of electric motoring? We don't know, but anything that's this much quicker than overnight charging is fine by us.

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