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Fan documents visual changes between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2


As many Guild Wars players know, Guild Wars 2 takes place in the same world and often in the same areas -- just 250 years after its predecessor. Because of this, ArenaNet elected not to wipe the slate clean and start over with 100% new environments but instead to incorporate old locales and landmarks into its upcoming game.

Guild Wars fan Claire became fascinated with this concept and has dedicated a new blog to documenting all of the visual changes in the world between the first and second game. It's called Project Tyria, and each post consists of several Guild Wars locales contrasted with screenshots of the same areas from the sequel.

Claire writes, "I've always loved the graphics of the Guild Wars games and have grown to love the world of Tyria. We were there in the before times, and now we arrive again in the after."

It's fascinating to see how ArenaNet has envisioned 250 years taking its toll on the monuments, cities, and vales of the original game; realizing the importance of keeping the world accurate for the hardcore fans seems to be a noted priority for the team. Head over to Project Tyria to see more on the comparison screenshots.

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