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iDrum lets you rock out like Animal on your iDevice for $70

Alexis Santos

If using almost any surface as an instrument to drop some beats is out of the question, Dream Cheeky's iDrum might be a decent second choice. The rechargeable, seven-piece drum kit connects to any iDevice running iOS 5 or higher via Bluetooth and rings up at $70. Despite a roughly 9.5- by 12-inch form factor that doesn't exactly look bomb-proof, Dream Cheeky assures us that it "can withstand a right good smashing." That hardware pairs with the free Sound System app so you can release your inner Timbaland by tapping along with pre-recorded songs or creating, recording and playing back your own jam sessions. And, if you need a break from working in your beat laboratory, the company plans to release Dream Cheeky Arcade apps so you can get your game on. If you're itching to break into a digital drum solo, you can pre-order now and expect to see it ship to your abode on May 31. In the meantime, a video of the iDrum in action awaits you after the break.

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