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Of myths and 41-megapixel sensors: Nokia looks back on the 808 PureView (video)


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It's a tale as old as the introduction of the 808 PureView, itself. Something about a bar and Tokyo and scribbling ingenious ideas on a napkin -- you know, the same 'ol humble origin story that seems to surround every impactful creation. Spoon-fed mythology aside, Nokia's decided to shift things into meta mode by composing a making of mini-doc for its hump-backed Symbian Belle cameraphone shot entirely with that much-ballyhooed 41-megapixel sensor (insert feigned amazement here). If you haven't heard Espoo spin this yarn before, settle in for an eight minute, accented tribute journey that takes navel-gazing and self-congratulations to an uncomfortable level. We get it, guys, the camera's good. Really, really good -- there's no need to sell us on it any further. 'Tis a pity, then, that the handset's been restricted to "select markets." Hop on past the break to gawk at this scripted enthusiasm first-hand.

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