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RI governor confirms 38 Studios layoffs


Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee has confirmed layoffs at 38 Studios. The governor made the statement this evening following a scheduled meeting of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC), where about as little happened to resolve 38 Studios' troubled situation as at last Wednesday's "emergency meeting."

On Friday Gov. Chafee held a surprise press conference about 38 Studios, in which he said the government was done providing easy money for the developer, and gave "Project Copernicus" a launch window of June 2013.

WPRI reporter Ted Nesi told Joystiq that Gov. Chafee confirmed the layoffs, but was ambiguous about whether employees at the studio were being paid.

38 Studios continues to remain silent and has not made any official statement about anything since this whole mess started early last week. According to the AP, 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling brushed past reporters on his way out of the meeting this evening, saying there was "misinformation" he couldn't clear up in a sound bite.

Not at all coincidental, Warner Bros. owned Boston-area MMO developer Turbine will hold a recruitment event at the Hotel Providence Tuesday night from 5-9PM. The studio currently has over 50 open positions.

We continue to leave the line open if 38 Studios or any employees wish to share their side of what's going on at the developer.

Update: Avalanche Studios, which opened up a studio in New York last year, will also hold a recruitment drive at the Westin Providence Hotel on Thursday, May 24, from 12-7PM.

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