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The Daily Grind: Do you wait for MMO cash-shop sales?


When Lord of the Rings Online first went free-to-play, Turbine put quest zones on sale for a song, and I missed it. There's never been as good a sale since, and I regret being slow on the draw. So I vowed to start watching sales across the F2P games I frequent very carefully. Sparklepony for 10 bucks? Woot. City of Heroes character slots 50% off? Heck yes. It's become a game in and of itself, and sometimes I admit that I plunk down a little money for a sale on something in a game I've drifted away from, knowing I'll use it later (like Guild Wars' storage panels, which I delayed buying for several years until they were half off).

This method had definitely ensured that I save money on stuff I would have bought at full price had I lacked the patience and planning to play the cash-shop sale game. What about you guys? Do you wait for MMO cash-shop sales for the stuff you want to buy, even if that means you must wait to have the latest and greatest power set or inventory slot? Or do you just let your whims dictate your purchases?

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