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Vindictus EU update features two new raid bosses

Jef Reahard

This must be the day for sexy MMO news. On the heels of one risque announcement, we have a trailer for the latest Vindictus EU update that features a scantily clad lass named Succubus and a demonic colossal called Glas Ghaibheleann. Succubus is, well, a succubus, and she's also a raid boss who will challenge players like no other.

Except for maybe Glas Ghaibheleann. He's also a raid boss. While he's not quite as attractive as his partner-in-crime, he's equally deadly. Nexon says that the pair will awe players with their appearance and unique abilities. Get a load of the latest Vindictus EU update in the video after the cut.

[Source: Nexon Europe press release]

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