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Activision enlists former Rockstar bosses to help with new UK studio


Former Rockstar bossmen Mark Washbrook and Mark Lloyd are helping establish Activision's freshly announced UK studio. The studio, based in Leeds, will focus on mobile development and is led by Team17 co-founder Martyn Brown. Brown hopes to eventually have a staff of 40 at Activision Leeds.

Washbrook established Rockstar London, which worked on mobile aspects of Manhunt 2 and online features of Max Payne 3. He left Rockstar in February 2011 and worked as game director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for six months.

Lloyd was studio head of Rockstar Lincoln for 12 years, but left in March 2011 to found his own games consulting service, Titanium Consultancy, which has since been voluntarily dismantled.

Activision Leeds was established in November, but is just now blipping on public radar. Washbrook and Lloyd could be at Activision Leeds for the long haul or as initial consultants; Activision hasn't clarified.

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