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ArenaNet confirms no beta for this weekend

In response to increased agitation among impatient fans, ArenaNet's Martin Kerstein graced the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page with a bit of confirmation: There will be no beta weekend event this coming weekend. This stretches the BWE schedule longer than the one-per-month that the team is trying to adhere to, but Kerstein included some explanation that will hopefully keep fans from panicking.
Our BWE1 was super successful, we exceeded our expectations. As some of you might have experienced first hand, this lead to some technical issues. To make sure we are not running into the same situation for BWE2, we recently had a stress test, and we are currently deploying a lot of additional hardware in our datacenters.

We will be able to tell you exactly when BWE2 will take place as soon as all the hardware has been deployed.
While this wasn't met with glee by most fans, the news does allow folks to carry on with their lives and make full use of the upcoming holiday weekend. Moreover, the wait will likely be worthwhile, as additional hardware to support the player flood that will descend on the data centers for the next BWE will mean greater enjoyment for more people.

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