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UK's Bemilo pay-as-you-go mobile service gives greater control to worrisome parents

Zachary Lutz

Operating on Vodafone's network, Bemilo is a new pay-as-you-go mobile service in the UK that aims to give parents greater control over their child's use of a mobile phone. Among the features, one can specifically set which hours during the day that the phone can be operated (the only exception being calls to mom or dad), which websites can be visited and who the child may contact. Further in the name of safety, all picture and video messages are disallowed from the get-go, and parents can even review their children's text messages -- even after they've been deleted. The Bemilo service runs £2.95 per month, on a month-to-month basis, whereas calls and voicemail access are charged at 10 pence per minute. Text messages run a similar 10p, but data usage will be levied at a steeper 25p per megabyte -- cost-conscious parents may wish to nix this usage entirely. Bemilo's required SIM card may be purchased either directly through the company's website or its partner, Carphone Warehouse. As for the company's mascot, Milo, that's one cute character that your kids will surely resent.

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