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CCP releases Welcome to New Eden video for DUST 514

Jef Reahard

CCP has released a new DUST 514-focused developer video. The clip is titled Welcome to New Eden, so if you're looking for any new tidbits about the upcoming sci-fi MMOFPS, you probably won't find them here.

If you're a DUST newb, on the other hand, this one's for you, as it gives you a rundown on what sets the game apart from its legions of FPS competitors. In a nutshell, the difference-maker is EVE Online and the way that DUST integrates with a pre-existing game, economy, and playerbase on a scale that is basically unheard of.

As producer Thomas Farrer puts it, "DUST is different pretty much by virtue of what it really is. DUST is a persistent FPS on PlayStation 3. Not only is it directly linked to EVE Online, a PC MMO, it's set directly within the EVE Online universe." Warp past the cut for a look at the full clip.

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