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Dungeon Hearts was made in the back of Devolver Digital's bus, out early 2013


Devolver Digital has teamed up with Cube Roots to publish the indie puzzle RPG Dungeon Hearts on PC, Mac and mobile in early 2013. Before any of you smart alecks ask: No, it's not a mashup of Dungeon Defenders and Kingdom Hearts.

Dungeon Hearts features a "nostalgic" blend of classic RPG elements and match-three puzzle mechanics for a "wholly unique experience," Devolver promises. It has 99 character levels and 16 unique environments, and players will use the matching game to perform powerful attacks in the game's mystical world.

At GDC in February, Cube Roots founder Chris Pavia got on a bus with Devolver Digital's Fork Parker as part of the Pitch Fork Parker Project. Pavia pitched Dungeon Hearts, left the bus, and by the end of the night his game was signed.

"The original pitch was for Dungeon Hearts to be a medieval brothel simulator," Parker said. "I recommended we shift development toward the puzzle/RPG hybrid because medieval brothel simulators just don't sell anymore."

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