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Embers of Caerus launches Kickstarter campaign


It looks like Forsaken Studios is piling onto the Kickstarter bandwagon to help raise funds for its upcoming sandbox title, Embers of Caerus. The studio has set a funding goal of $25,000 US to "fuel the development and production of [the studio's] prototype, bring [the game] to the attention of the major players in the industry, and help put Embers of Caerus firmly on the MMORPG map."

The 25 grand will specifically be used "to cover software licenses and development costs," and the studio vows that "every single cent pledged will be put toward this goal." Of course, as with any successful Kickstarter campaign, Forsaken Studios is putting forward a number of nifty bonuses for its backers, ranging from beta access to dinner with the devs and a tour of the Forsaken Studios office. If you want to help the studio reach its funding goals, you've got until Tuesday, June 19th, to head over to the Kickstarter page and chip in.

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