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Fieldrunners 2 coming next month


Subatomic Studios, the makers of one of the iPhone's biggest early titles, Fieldrunners, have announced that a sequel is headed our way as soon as next month. The popular tower defense title is being updated with twenty new hand-painted levels, twenty towers (including a Link tower, which seems to be two towers with a deadly attack between them, as well as both a Nuke and a Railgun tower, for AoE or sniper damage, respectively). And there are two new game modes, to go along with the standard survival and time trial maps, there are now puzzle and sudden death maps to play as well.

It sounds like a great title -- if you've been playing iPhone games since the beginning, you'll probably have fond memories of Fieldrunners. Fieldrunners 2 will arrive on the iPhone at the end of June, with an iPad version coming soon after.

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