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MechWarrior Online announces closed beta and founder's program


Turn over the engine and light up the jet thrusters because MechWarrior Online is stomping into closed beta this week. Anyone who registers on the official site has a chance to check out the hot 'mech action before the rest of the crowd. While the beta is currently limited to North America, there is no IP blocking, so anyone can jump in as long as he or she doesn't mind a little lag.

Perhaps of more interest is Piranha Games' announcement of its founder's program, code-named Operation Inception. Yes, we guess the devs saw the movie too. While MWO will be free-to-play with optional microtransactions, Operation Inception lets players invest their money up-front to get special goodies and an early start to the game.

Players can buy into the founder's program starting June 19th. It will come in two tiers: a $30 veteran package and a $60 elite package. The veteran package includes $40 of in-game currency, a month of premium account status, a founder's tag, and early access. The elite package includes $80 of in-game currency, two months of premium status, the founder's tag, early access, and an exclusive BattleMech.

Early access for MechWarrior Online begins July 17th.

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