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Presidents Obama, Clinton pay tribute to Steve Jobs at Webbys

Yesterday a host of political leaders, artists, scientists, and tech visionaries paid tribute to Steve Jobs at the annual Webby Awards in New York. The tribute started with an opening from Justin Long and John Hodgman, who played Mac and PC in Apple's long-running "I'm a Mac" ads. Richard Dreyfuss, who voiced the original Think Different "Crazy Ones" commercial, then came out and said in five words (a kind of tradition at the Webbys) what he thought of Steve Jobs: "Exception that proves the rule."

In the tribute video that played, people as diverse as President Obama, Buzz Aldrin, Vint Cerf, Adriana Huffington, President Clinton, George Lucas, U2's Bono, Jon Stewart, and more all said five words each about Steve Jobs. The video ends with President Obama saying, "The truth is when we are talking about Steve Jobs, we only need one word: amazing."

You can view the whole tribute in the video below.

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