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XCOM: Enemy Unknown launches retail operations October 9


XCOM: Enemy Unknown begins training a new generation of operatives in the art of global xeno defense on October 9 and 13 in North America and internationally, respectively. 2K Games plans to launch the console and PC versions simultaneously.

Pre-orders of the game will receive the Elite Soldier Pack DLC, featuring a blonde, flattopped recruit inspired by the original XCOM. It also includes soldier deco packs for players to customize the look of their character with "complete color customization." XCOM fuchsia team, move out!

The October XCOM launch brings a little more clarity to BioShock Infinite's move to 2013, giving 2K Games more breathing room for a potential break-out by a mostly forgotten franchise. This doesn't mean GTA V is off the table for October, but it's hard to imagine the blockbuster series launching then without sacrificing one of the publisher's games in that month. And by "one," we mean XCOM.

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