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Inafune working with Level-5 on Guild02 [update: screens]


Guild01 is an upcoming 3DS cart by Level-5, collecting four small games by Suda 51, Seaman's Yoot Saito, Yasumi Matsuno, and comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai. Even before the (so far Japan-only) release of this game, early Famitsu info reveals the existence of a second collection called Guild02, this time involving the outspoken and suddenly very busy Keiji Inafune.

Inafune's game translates to "Insect Tank," and puts the player in the role of a miniaturized WWII tank fighting giant insects. His game is joined by "Alone," a "suspense game" by Chunsoft visual novel writers Takemaru Abiko and Kazuya Asano, about someone who wakes up in a dark room with no memories, and "The Friday When Monsters Appear" by Kazu Ayabe, creator of the My Summer Vacation series. True to the title, monsters show up every Friday in a '60s-era town full of children who love the giant Ultraman-style heroes of the day.

Guild02 will also have some kind of connectivity with the previous collection, allowing Guild01 owners to get passwords to unlock material in Guild02. We suppose that's one advantage over releasing these games one by one on the eShop, but seriously, Level-5, release these games one by one on the eShop. That's what it's for.

Update: Famitsu has screens of all three games. Above (obviously), Insect Tank.

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