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Kapersky "disappointed" he can't sell AV software on iOS


Security wonk Eugene Kaspersky is not happy with Apple, since the company won't let his eponymous antivirus firm develop antivirus software for iOS devices. Speaking to The Register, Kaspersky went so far as to say "That will mean disaster for Apple," since malware targeting the mobile operating system will "inevitably" strike iOS at some point in time.

Kaspersky admits that iOS is "by design ... more secure" than other operating systems. His infection vector of choice is to place the malware into the source code of legal software that has to be downloaded from the App Store, as it is "almost impossible to develop malware which does not use vulnerabilities."

Kaspersky goes on to say that an infection of this sort will "be the worst-case scenario because there will be no protection. The Apple SDK won't let us do it." That will, in the Russian's opinion, result in a loss of market share for Apple and a huge boost for Android -- an operating system he's happy with since it is less secure and he can develop security software for.

He's so sure of the demise of iOS because of malware that he's made bets with friends stating that Android will have an 80% market share by 2015. That's one bet we hope he loses.

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