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Massive ARGO Online patch raises level cap, adds new dungeons and quests

Jef Reahard

Remember ARGO Online, the free-to-play steampunk fantasy MMO that launched in early 2011? If not, now's as good a time as any to refresh your memory since the game is about to undergo the largest content update in its history.

First up is a max-level increase (to 55), followed by a new "expert" island called Naviruo, which is geared toward level 50-plus players. Here you'll find more than 400 new quests that continue the tale of conflict between the Floresslah and Nobilan factions. There are also seven new dungeons to satiate your PvE and PvP appetites, not to mention over 300 new types of monsters to make things a little more challenging.

As always, more info is available at the official ARGO website.

[Source: ProSiebenSat.1 Games press release]

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