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Perfect World International's end-game gets imperially furious

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an MMO in possession of an experienced player-base must be in want of more end-game. In honor of that, and in response to heavy player demand, Perfect World International is getting a sizable update. PWI: Imperial Fury will introduce the brand new Advanced Endless Universe dungeon, changes to existing dungeons, and a whole passel of other improvements.

Players are charged with retrieving the Perfect World City Essences within the Advanced Endless Universe dungeon. This dungeon, which will be accessible six times per week, will present one of three variations of itself upon entry. All three variations are distinctly different, and all three will require significant effort and coordination for successful completion. Hard work does not go unrewarded, however, as completion is rewarded with a chance box containing either a brand new skill book or a stack of potent consumable buffs -- and as both the boxes and their drops can be traded, you can always sell anything you don't want for yourself.

Lunar Glade and Warsong City have received a design facelift, had their difficulty ramped up and their rewards increased -- rewards that include materials for upgrading the most powerful gear (at present) in the game.

A temporary and intermittently-recurring NPC, the Aurora Agent, will allow characters over level 80 to trade Tokens of Luck for a chance to get rare and powerful items. There will also be new Bounty Hunter bosses, improvements to Phoenix Valley, more ways to gain Prestige, improvements to player-enemy targeting, the return of Secret Passage to its "more carebear-friendly roots," and more. So suit up and get ready to kick imperial hiney!

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