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RIFT Conquest video boasts 'this is where realities collide'


Curious how the makers of RIFT are going to turn a two-faction game into a three-faction PvP brawl? Us too! But Trion Worlds has a few clever ideas to capitalize on the best elements of PvP innovation and evolution with its upcoming Conquest system.

"With Conquest we're really trying to capture the essence of open-world PvP gameplay," shares Lead Designer William Fisher in a new developer video. "This is where realities collide." He goes on to say that this new system isn't Defiants against Guardians, but instead three brand-new factions from across the planes duking it out with player assistance.

Check out the new video after the jump, and when you're done with that, catch up with our very own Karen Bryan's hands-on experience with the Conquest system!

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