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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 drops worldwide on Sept. 10

Jordan Mallory

The console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will hit PS3s and 360s the world over with a lightning-infused glove come the week of September 10, 2012 -- just four days shy of the game's one-year arcade anniversary Japan.

Coming from Namco Bandai's European wing, the announcement was accompanied by news of pre-order bonuses and a European collector's edition, as seen above. Pre-ordering from Shopto will net you Michelle Chang and Angel as bonus fighters, whereas a pre-order from Zavvi includes Kunimitsu and Ancient Ogre, all of which can be seen in the gallery below.

Meanwhile, the "We Are Tekken" collector's edition includes a metal case, the game's soundtrack, a remix album, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a 200-plus page hardcover artbook (and the game itself).

We've reached out to Namco Bandai to find out if any of these bonuses will be making it stateside.

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