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You Don't Know Jack and Cookie Masterson want to be your new Facebook friends


We don't know about you, but You Don't Know Jack's charismatic host Cookie Masterson sure seems like a swell fellow; the kind of guy who takes to Facebook only to post photos of cats doing silly things, and potentially show his friends pictures of his newly shaven dome. We say this because we now have a new way to interact with Mr. Masterson through – you guessed itYou Don't Know Jack, now on Facebook.

The game is currently in closed beta, but I signed up to be a beta tester and was already in before this post was finished. Also, yup, I did play a round right quick, and it was totally awesome. In so many words, it's You Don't Know Jack, but played asychronously against Facebook friends. Rounds are shorter, and there's some microtransaction stuff in there, but it's pretty much the same game you've been playing (and loving) for 20 years.

Regardless, it's free and seemingly unobtrusive in regards to your Facebook account, which sounds like a big winner to us.

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