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DC Universe Online expanding Legends PvP with Last Laugh DLC

Jef Reahard

DC Universe Online's fourth DLC pack is on the way. As you're probably aware, it's called Last Laugh, but what you may not know is that it's focused on PvP. New iconic characters are making their way to the game's Legends mode, including DC stalwarts like Power Girl and Amon Sur.

Up to this point, much of Legends PvP has focused on what creative director Jens Andersen terms the Bat family. Characters like Batman, Bane, Two-Face, Robin, and the Joker are all mainstays. Now, though, players can step into the tights of both Kryptonian and Lantern heroes, and they can do so on the new Fortress of Solitude Legends map. That's not all, of course, but you'll need to head to Games Radar for more details plus a nifty video.

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