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New Firefall dev blog discusses raising the skill ceiling


The other day we talked about Red 5 Studios' new development philosophy for its upcoming MMOFPS, Firefall, and its decision to take things in a direction that's more focused on player skill than levels or gear. Today, the studio has released a new dev diary that expounds on this philosophy by discussing how it plans to make the game "approachable and exciting to players of all skill levels," while ensuring that it remains rewarding to the truly hardcore.

The post begins by taking a look at the game's core combat, which contains "a number of weapons and abilities that are lower-twitch and lower-skill," such as beam weapons, AoE abilities, and splash damage. The post goes on to discuss a number of potential solutions to these problems, such as changing the high-splash-damage plasma cannon into a gun that deals lower splash damage, but with devastating direct-hit damage. It's an interesting read for players who are looking for a bit more skill-based gameplay in their MMOs, and Firefall fans in general would do well to go check out the full post on the game's official site.

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