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Flyff getting revamped with Flyff Gold


The world of gPotato's long-running free-to-play MMO Flyff is about to change in a big way. In a press release today, the studio announced the upcoming July launch of Flyff Gold, which will add a whole slew of features and revamps, many of which have been requested by the community. According to the press release, players can look forward to "a fresh new look and dynamic interface," as well as features such as "achievements redeemable for item shop goodies" and a "set-and-forget consignment marketplace for easy trading," plus much more.

To celebrate the update's imminent release, gPotato is beginning "game-wide log-in and level-up events" that will reward players for, as the name would imply, logging in and leveling up. These events make for the perfect time for new players to jump into the game and get some shiny loot in preparation for the Flyff Gold release. For more details on the game's upcoming additions, you can go check out Flyff Gold's teaser site.

[Source: gPotato press release]

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