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Latest RuneScape behind-the-scenes video details cryptic clue fest, evolution of combat


It's time yet again for another RuneScape behind-the-scenes video, and this time we get to take a look at the newly announced Evolution of Combat changes that players are surely awaiting with bated breath. Jagex's developers say that they want to keep players from having to navigate through multiple interfaces in order to cast spells, change combat styles, and so forth. To this end they plan the addition of an action bar that will allow players easy access to spells, emotes, items, and anything else they want to keep at their fingertips.

The video also touches on an upcoming very special cryptic clue-fest in honor of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. A mysterious royal visitor is on her way to the city of Varrock, and it's up to players to help ensure that everything is in tip-top shape when she arrives. Players will be responsible for assisting Varrock's Tourist Office in keeping supplies for the grand celebration sufficiently stocked. For the full details on both of these exciting upcoming features, head on past the cut and check out the behind-the-scenes video for yourself.

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