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Capcom CEO wants shorter dev times, faster Devil May Cry turnaround


Capcom Chairman and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto told investors of the company's plan to "reduce the time needed to develop major titles from the usual three to four years to only two and a half years," as part of a briefing on the fiscal year 2011 financial results earlier this month.

"Speeding up development will probably raise the cost," he said. "But creating quality content will be vital to Capcom's ability to survive by overcoming intense global competition. We will make substantial investments to develop this content."

President and COO of Capcom Haruhiro Tsujimoto added to the CEO's comments in his own address, saying the company's plan is also "to increase [DLC] sales from 2.8 billion yen in the past fiscal year to 3.5 billion yen in the current fiscal year." The COO also noted that the upcoming Resident Evil 6 will release approximately three and a half years after Resident Evil 5, and Lost Planet 3 will launch after a two and a half year development cycle, both in a shorter time span than with past games.

He added that DmC Devil May Cry will require five years of development due to a decision to switch to an external developer, with the end goal of creating new games in the series every two and a half years. With DmC Devil May Cry shipping in 2013, that equates to another game in the series in 2015.

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