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Samsung's 'human centric' Galaxy S III launches around the globe, says what delays?


Despite carrier and retailer indications of delays for certain editions of Samsung's new Galaxy S III, the company triumphantly announced its launch right on schedule tonight. Of course, here in the US we're sadly on the outside looking in at the launch action going on in 28 countries as a new day dawns for the 29th, but at least there's rumblings that our localized editions aren't far off. In July, its world tour is expected to have swung through 145 countries and 296 carriers. As long as you're looking for a 16GB Marble White quad-core Exynos juggernaut, you should be able to find it right away -- if the machine translated Korean press release (Update: English link added) is too tough to bear, remember we've got all the launch details (and a review) right here.

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