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CCP contemplates selling more EVE Online physical merchandise


Fresh off a successful attempt to sell graphics cards for virtual currency, CCP Games is mulling over additional in-game sales options in EVE Online for real-life merchandise. Senior Producer Jon Lander said that this will be the beginning of a trend: "It was an interesting experiment and one we're going to follow up."

The studio recently made 100 Nvidia graphics cards available to players in the game for 20 Plex apiece and sold out of them in two minutes. In addition to items like graphics cards, CCP is looking into ways to create and sell EVE Online merchandise.

"We need to just look at what the right opportunities are now," Lander said. "We've got lots of people beavering away trying to work out what the right thing to do is."

Due to players' ability to buy and sell Plex for other in-game goods, Lander reports that 25% of EVE Online players are able to enjoy the game for free.

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