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Face of Mankind rolling out major updates

Eliot Lefebvre

Face of Mankind has been on the quiet side for a while now, but the game is gearing up for some major mechanical changes. A new developer blog outlines several of the large shifts, starting with several major improvements to the World Takeover system. Players at a high faction rank can take on special contracts to help take out the enemy presence, or they can choose to take part in a more secretive income-siphoning operation to discreetly hurt the enemy.

The game is also removing the weight system, the quality levels system, and the factional restrictions on armor and equipment. This also has resulted in a change to the way that armor values are calculated in an effort to make more pieces of armor relevant to gameplay. And that's just the tip of the iceberg; current or potential players would do well to take a look at the full development blog to see all of the changes en route for the game's mechanics.

[Source: Nexeon press release]

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