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Google patents view augmentation method and glasses, sees what you cannot


Google continues to keep our friends down at the US Patents and Trademark Office busy with its latest filing, involving augmented reality and a pair of relatively staid (at least by these sketches) pair of glasses. The patent outlines a system where a view-finder could identify what we're gawking at, adding in extra factual details and also outlining new points of interest -- including those that aren't necessarily within the view of our own eyes. The glasses would then be able to notify us with a medley of visual indicators and cues (including the slightly awkward notion of light-up frames), guiding our gaze to something we'd hopefully want to take a look at.

There's more to Google's latest idea than simple tourist-centric finger-pointing though, also looking to augment how we read. The device would detect when someone is reading from a digital display and even feel out the rest of the information currently out of view. It would then direct readers to points of interest; possibly pictures, possibly those important factual nuggets -- the patent still plays loose with the specifics. But if you're into such vague and fanciful product description, you can take a look at the full filing at the source below.

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