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Raptr handing out 10,000 copies of RIFT and RIFT CEs


Haven't given last year's hit MMO, RIFT, a try yet? Trion Worlds has partnered up with Raptr to hand out a whopping 10,000 copies of the game. If that wasn't enough (and it never is), players can earn in-game goggles and a free upgrade to a collector's edition just by leveling up.

This offer comes through the new Raptr Rewards program. Players can sign up to the program through Facebook and then earn points by playing games and hitting certain milestones. The copy of RIFT, which includes the core game and a month of game time, will be given away to members who have hit the "experienced" level in one of Raptr's sponsored RPGs. These copies will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting Thursday, May 31st.

Raptr players who take this copy of RIFT and hit "amateur" on the program will get an in-game Dwarven Smithy Goggles, while "experienced" achievers will be granted a free upgrade to RIFT's collector's edition. These rewards are available to players only in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

[Source: Trion Worlds press release]

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