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Snapshot training amateur photogs on PS3 and Vita this fall


Snapshot isn't a new game, though this may be the first you've heard of it. Nope, Snapshot's been kicking around indie game festivals and such for quite some time (since at least 2009, if not earlier), though we now know that Snapshot's being developed for PSN on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

In Snapshot, you follow a little robot named (appropriately enough), "Pic," as he ventures across a puzzle-filled 2D world. By snapping square photos of the environment, Pic can alter the world around him – "taking photographs of light and using it to interact with physics" and momentum-based puzzles are both given as examples of Snapshot's gameplay twist.

The game's a Sony exclusive (at least for now), with cross-platform save functionality built-in, and it's expected some time this fall. Check out the latest trailer just above – it's quite pretty!

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