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Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf spotted on retail sites for Xbox, PS3


Over three years since its initial cancellation, it looks like The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf may be rising again. The game has been spotted in Danish retail listings, specifically a PS3 listing at CoolShop and both PS3 and Xbox listings at Blockbuster. Neither site has a release date listed, though each advises eager fans to place pre-orders now. (If you're looking for a deal, go with CoolShop to save a cool 100 krone.)

Witcher fans will remember Rise of the White Wolf as the console-specific version of CD Projekt's first Witcher game. It was slated to feature completely reworked controls for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though the project was canceled in April of 2009. At the time, developer Widescreen Games complained of missed payments, while publisher CD Projekt claimed that all milestone payments had been made to Widescreen.

CD Projekt Red's Summer Conference is slated to take place tomorrow, and promises a major announcement. That announcement, however, will not be Rise of the White Wolf, reports Eurogamer. CD Projekt told the site that it will instead be announcing its next RPG, which was revealed in recent job listings. That said, the company does have some Witcher-related "surprises" planned for this year and next year.

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