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Archos Arnova 80 Cobalt sidles up to the FCC, leaves little to the imagination


Archos' line of Android tablets aren't really known for setting consumer tongues a-wagging; those honors are typically reserved for more bold-faced OEMs. As a low-cost alternative to pricier offerings, however, they make mighty fine sense. And one such slate's just swung by the Commission's gates, showing off its shiny black posterior, FCC ID (SOVAC80CO) and Arnova branding. The 80 Cobalt, as its referred to in the docs, appears to be a WiFi-only affair in keeping with its market positioning and, judging from its measurements, is likely to join the ranks of other 8-inch tabs. Hit up the source below to scour the dense fog of RF tests and legalese, if you're so inclined.

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