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Star Wars: The Old Republic developers detail 1.3, free trials, and free transfers

Eliot Lefebvre

Have you been holding off on trying Star Wars: The Old Republic until the game offers a free trial? It looks like your wait is almost over. At the recent London Comic Con, the development team discussed the upcoming addition of a level-limited free trial. You'll be free to adventure up to a certain point, but to get the full game experience, you'll need to subscribe.

That's the smallest part of the game's upcoming additions, however; the improvements for players who wish to play together include upcoming free server transfers as well as a substantial expansion of existing server caps. Patch 1.3 is also bringing the long-awaited group finder to the game to help get players away on party tasks in a timely fashion.

Patch 1.3 won't just be about playing together, however, and the developers also spoke more on the addition of adaptive gear and new Legacy perks for characters. It's plenty to look forward to for players of the game, so if you haven't yet taken a peek at the upcoming changes, you may wish to do so.

[Thanks to The_grand_nagus for the tip!]

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