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The Daily Grind: Is platforming welcome in MMOs?


Like some of you, at least according to statistics, I am an aging gamer (one who is turning 36 tomorrow). With that comes some loss of sharp reflexes and bladder control, which is why I enjoy twitch gaming less and work within 10 feet of the bathroom. As long as I avoid MMOs with the "action combat!" label on them, I'm mostly OK, although it now seems that I have to contend with an increase of platforming elements in my online RPGs as well.

From Star Wars: The Old Republic's Super Mario Datacrons experience to hopping along tree branches in order to get one of RIFT's shinies, platforming seems all the rage, and I don't know whether it's a welcome thing or not. It can be terribly frustrating to try to time the right jumps in a 3-D environment, but it's hard to rail against additional gameplay options in MMOs as a matter of principle.

So what say you? Do you like or hate platforming in MMOs, and is the style welcome in our games?

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