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Ex-Fallen Earth designer compares in-game locations to real life

Jef Reahard

Fallen Earth fans probably know that the post-apocalyptic MMO is one of the few massive titles to feature a real-world location. Despite its bombed-out futuristic stylings, the game takes place in the American southwest, or more specifically, the Grand Canyon and surrounding territories.

According to former Icarus Studios designer Joshua Peery, Fallen Earth's Grand Canyon isn't too far removed from the real thing. For starters, the devs used USGS satellite imaging as their world-building blueprint. Peery's latest personal blog entry says that driving through the real-world location leads to further appreciation for the work done by the game's artists and builders.

"Driving through the 'real' Sector Three's Kaibab Forest was like deja vu, with the only difference being I was in my SUV rather than in an interceptor, dirt-bike, horse, etc.," Peery writes. Peery's game tourism odyssey was part of a cross-country trek to a new job at Carbine Studios, for which Massively offers a hearty congrats.

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