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Funcom soliciting Age of Conan feedback via annual summer survey

Jef Reahard

If you've ever wanted to give Funcom a piece of your mind when it comes to Age of Conan's development, now's your chance. The latest monthly development update is live, and with it comes the annual AoC summer survey questionnaire.

It's a pretty lengthy set of questions, and it covers everything from item store prices to PvP to potential player housing. And lest you think the survey is just for show, AoC game director Craig Morrison begs to differ.

"It genuinely does have an impact. Many of the answers in the previous surveys became the templates for specific additions, features and new content. People voted for a 12v12 minigame two years ago, and that was what we made for the next minigame. People wanted more solo instances, those arrived as well," he writes.

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