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Mists of Pandaria: More new companion pets and vanity items

Alex Ziebart

Wowhead has added a batch of new companion pets to their database: the Jade Crane Chick (which I cannot help but read as Jade Crane Kick), Thundering Serpent Hatchling, and the Singing Cricket Cage. We aren't entirely sure where these pets come from yet, but my personal guess is from endgame daily quests or other level 90 activities. Level cap content seems to be what's next on the agenda in the Mists of Pandaria beta, so that would be most likely.

In addition to the pets, a spread of other cosmetic items were added to the beta. These items are most likely rewards from Pandaria's Tillers faction, the group that allows you to maintain your own farmland.

It's open warfare between Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's next expansion. Jump into five new levels with new talents and class mechanics, try the new monk class, and create a pandaren character to ally with either Horde or Alliance. Look for expansion basics in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press event coverage for more details!

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