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New DUST 514 dev diary talks fittings, lore

Jef Reahard

If you're unfamiliar with the new PlayStation 3 shooter DUST 514 and the PC MMO EVE Online on which it's based, the latest CCP video dev diary is for you. See, DUST mercenaries inhabit the same universe (and the same server) as EVE capsuleers, and like their EVE counterparts, DUST mercs are immortal.

The new video is the second part of CCP's Welcome to New Eden series, and while the lore stuff will probably seem somewhat fluffy to the EVE-newb target audience, there is a bit of gameplay info to be had. It centers around DUST's fitting system, which differentiates the game from traditional role-based shooters by allowing extreme flexibility when it comes to kitting out a character and adjusting to a dynamic battlefield.

See for yourself after the break.

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